5 budget-friendly ways to tame your curly hair!

Serums and mousses of all kinds and prices are well known for their curl-harnessing power, but what if there’s a simpler solution for getting that look you desire? Check out these five simple options that can provide a low-maintenance supplement to your routine, yet have such a dramatic impact on your hair!

Coconut Oil

This is a great solution for when your hair starts to become unruly, but it’s not quite time for a trim! Thinner in consistency than most oils, half a tablespoon of this worked into your curls (especially the ends) will lubricate your strands and help them cling together into springy curls. I recommend using a natural bristle brush once a week and brushing coconut through your hair from roots to end before shampooing. This helps work the coconut into the hair, but also helps stimulate the roots and exfoliate your scalp. Plus, it feels SO good!

Coconut oil is ideal for thick, dry-hair types. If your hair is overly dry, try adding this to your hair once or twice a week before going to bed so that it has the time to soak into your hair. For an added kick, add a quick burst of heat with your blow dryer (but not too much, or your hair will frizz). Make sure you sleep on a pillowcase you don’t care about, as this can sometimes leave your pillowcase a little oily by the time morning comes around.

Wide-toothed Comb

As a rule, you should NEVER comb, brush or play with your hair after washing it. Once your hair is set in its drying process, LEAVE IT ALONE and let it do its thing! With exception to your occasional hair treatments with coconut oil, you should never brush your hair. This is why the wide-toothed comb is going to become your best friend for your curly hair.

When washing your hair, use the comb to work your sulfate-free conditioner through and get all of the tangles out of your hair. Then, gently rinse the conditioner out. Be careful not to scrub or do anything to your that might promote frizzing or hair breakage.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a must-have for all my curly-haired friends out there. Curly hair gets dry…and I mean REALLY dry. I’m sure you can all agree that it seems like your hair can never get enough nutrients and moisture!

For a budget-friendly option, try using your ordinary, sulfate-free conditioner that you know and love as a leave-in. After you wash your hair, gently run a small dime of conditioner through your hair. Add your other hair products as you normally would.

Hair Diffuser

Okay, this one may not be as budget friendly as the other items listed here. But it is well worth your money! A diffuser allows you to blow dry your hair without letting those beautiful curls fly everywhere.

After putting product in your hair, let your hair air-dry as much as possible. When you are just about ready to run out the door, bring your diffuser in to help your hair get closer to 80% dry. Simply tilt your head to the side (or flip your hair upside down for added volume) and hold the diffuser facing upwards at the ends of your hair. This promotes better curls and helps avoid the dreaded “triangle” look that curly hair sometimes gets. Finish the look off with a little hair spray to hold any stray hairs.

Satin Pillowcase

The satin pillowcase has established itself in the curly hair world as being gentle on your hair and keeping frizz at a relative low. No need to spend a lot of money here. Often times, this simple switch will help in your efforts to keep your curly hair from tangling and frizzing overnight. An added plus is it often helps in decreasing the amount of times you have to washing your hair throughout the week (a true dream for anyone with curly hair!).

Have you tried these or similar methods? Ask Ana about these tips and others for your hair in your next visit!