It’s the latest trend! Everyone wants longer hair right now. And it’s no wonder why with all of the styles you can do with long hair! So it’s time to start your journey to longer hair. But what about those things you didn’t know about growing it out?

Tips for growing long hair

#1: Biotin, moisturizers, and patience will become your best friend

On average, your hair grows about a half an inch each month. That means it could take your hair as many as 3 years to get to your desired length! Of course, everyone is different. Which means there are a ton of secret recipes out there for helping your hair grow fast! Ana’s personal favorite products for growing out her hair are Phyto Hair and Nails as a biotin supplement* and Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment.

Biotin has been known to help increase the rate of hair growth when taken on a regular basis and Ana has seen those results while taking the Phyto supplement! She has also noticed that her hair is stronger, shinier and healthier. Her skin and nails see the same benefits as well!

Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment has dual benefits. It first helps finish any look without leaving hair greasy. It also helps protect your hair from heat which can be very important when growing out your hair!


#2: Heat will become your worst enemy

Maintaining healthy hair is crucial to getting that long look you’re working for. It’s all about strength, hydration, and minimizing the damage to your hair. That means you need to reduce the heat your hair comes in contact with in any way possible.

Start by turning down the temperature in those hot showers you’re probably enjoying each morning! Hot showers may feel good, but they wreak total havoc on your hair’s health. A slight adjustment in temperature could mean the difference between healthy and damaged hair.

Next step, minimize the amount of time with your hair dryer. That’s right – start prepping the break up song now! The longer your hair gets, the more time you’ll spend drying it regardless of what method you use. Try giving yourself a few extra minutes and let your hair air-dry for as long as possible before pulling out the hair dryer. Then blast it with the hair dryer for some light styling before you head out the door.

Ultimately, turning down the heat helps reduce hair damage. Which brings us to our next point…


#3: hair breakage becomes even more traumatic the longer your hair grows


Hair breakage is no fun to experience regardless of your hair length. With long hair, though, broken strands (or fly-aways) can sometimes look more apparent compared to shorter hair styles since there is such a dramatic difference in length between the strands. And don’t forget about how long it takes to grow out your hair! So it’s easy to see how the longer your hair grows, every broken strand can be more traumatic than the last.

So how do you protect your hair from breaking? Read on my friend!


#4: You actually need to get frequent trims

This might not make sense given how long it can take to grow your hair out. But frequent trimmings can reduce split ends and tangling which helps protect against breakage! It also promotes healthier hair. You’ll be much happier with the way your hair looks and feels too, which reduces the temptation to cut your hair short again.

But you’ll be happier with the results in the end. Be sure to schedule a hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks. Did we mention this can also help keep tangles at bay which makes your daily routine much easier to manage?


#5: Brushing your hair becomes a serious arm workout

With long hair comes great responsibility… or a great workout! If you’re maintaining your hair appointments and scheduling a trimming every 4 to 6 weeks, this won’t be as much work. But the longer your hair gets, the more hair you get to comb through, which can turn into quite the workout!

Remember Ana’s top tip to help maintain beauty and shine! Get yourself a natural boar bristle brush and brush a little coconut oil through your hair for about 5 minutes once a week before you wash your hair. This helps stimulate the blood flow on your scalp (which also promotes hair growth) and distributes the healthy oils from your scalp throughout your hair!


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