We’re a quarter of the way through the year and the hair industry has already seen its share of exciting trends for 2016!

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep up with the latest tricks and techniques – we’ve done it for you right here. Whether you want a quick update to your look or a complete makeover, here are some top hair trends to stay on top of.


Top Hair Color Trends

This year’s trends are all about natural-looking hair color, whether you’re rocking the lightest of blonde shades or the deepest of browns. Grown-in roots and colour contrasts – with darker colours at the crown and lighter colors on the ends – are also dominating runways this spring.

Here are the biggest hair color trends for you:

.  Ombre and balayage – While the two terms are often used interchangeably, ombre and balayage are two different terms used to describe the process of applying a contrasting colour to just the ends of the hair. With the ombré hair coloring technique, the result is hair that looks “color-blocked” – with a much bolder color contrast between the upper and lower portions of the hair. The balayage technique, which is named for the French word for “to sweep”, works with your natural lowlights to produce a more subtle “ombre” effect. Both coloring techniques continue to brighten up the runway – and hair salons – in 2016.

.   Blonde – The most popular blonde shades this season are strawberry blonde, ash blonde, and platinum. Golden blonde highlights or lowlights can add a multidimensional tone to any shade of blond.

.   Brown – As with blonde, many natural shades of brown are popular this season – from rich, near-black tones to lighter, chestnut-like hues. Focus on natural shades, and add honey-golden highlights for a more multidimensional color.

.   Black – Black hair is a bold choice this season, inspiring many of the hottest looks on the runway. Make a statement this spring by pulling black hair into a dramatic side part and coiling the length in the back.


Hair Style Trends


Forget the wash and go – in 2016, we’ll see a return to purposely styled hair. The emphasis this season is on how the hair is pulled back, the way it’s parted, the addition of details and so much else. Below are a few of the lovely hairstyles that graced the runways this season.

.   Texture – From the voluminous blonde locks to lush beach waves, textured hair in the form of waves has been one of the most popular hairstyles on the runways this season.

.   Low ponytails – Stylish and practical, the low ponytail is the effect style for the woman on the go. Low ponytails have been popular on the runways since 2015, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. For a sophisticated look, use a simple black hair tie.

.   Finger waves – This elegant 1920s hairstyle made waves this season, appearing on Dries Van Norten, Jeremy Packham, Marc Jacobs, Bluemarine and Dries van Norten catwalks throughout the season. Finger waves add an element of adorable sweetness to an otherwise ordinary hairstyle. Finger waves also add a youthful touch to a mature ensemble. Achieve the look with a deep side part, plenty of gel and a comb to form hair into “S”-shaped waves.

.   Soft waves – This year’s hairstyles aren’t just about perfection. Soft, naturally wavy hair is another trend favoured by designers this spring. To achieve just-got-out-of-bed waves, sleep in a bun or braid your hair at night. You may not get perfect waves, but that is the goal in 2016.

.   Braids – Intricate, romantic braided hairstyles were a popular choice on catwalks from New York to Paris this spring. From lovely French plaits to braided crowns, designers revelled in blending the old and the new with their imaginative creations. To get the runway look, try a simple braid down the back or combined braid pigtails secured with a black band or bow.

Of course, the right hair-style starts with a good color and cut, so call Ana or schedule an appointment online to start your journey to a new you today!