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Summer Special!

Golden Hair Female with Red Flower. Platinum Shine Necklace

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Must-have hair essentials for achieving your best look!

When it comes to hair care, there are so many recommended solutions out there that it can be difficult to sort out which one is right for you! Let’s face it, we probably all have that secret stash of hair tools and products under our bathroom sink that we tried once or twice, decided it wasn’t for us, and never used again.  So how do you know where to start (or end) with your hair care solution? To help, we’ve listed the top items you actually need for your hair beauty routine!



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The Busy Girl’s Guide to the Hottest Hair Trends of 2016

We’re a quarter of the way through the year and the hair industry has already seen its share of exciting trends for 2016!

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep up with the latest tricks and techniques – we’ve done it for you right here. Whether you want a quick update to your look or a complete makeover, here are some top hair trends to stay on top of.


Top Hair Color Trends

This year’s trends are all about natural-looking hair color, whether you’re rocking the lightest of blonde shades or the deepest of browns. Grown-in roots and colour contrasts – with darker colours at the crown and lighter colors on the ends – are also dominating runways this spring.

Here are the biggest hair color trends for you:

.  Ombre and balayage – While the two terms are often used interchangeably, ombre and balayage are two different terms used to describe the process of applying a contrasting colour to just the ends of the hair. With the ombré hair coloring technique, the result is hair that looks “color-blocked” – with a much bolder color contrast between the upper and lower portions of the hair. The balayage technique, which is named for the French word for “to sweep”, works with your natural lowlights to produce a more subtle “ombre” effect. Both coloring techniques continue to brighten up the runway – and hair salons – in 2016.

.   Blonde – The most popular blonde shades this season are strawberry blonde, ash blonde, and platinum. Golden blonde highlights or lowlights can add a multidimensional tone to any shade of blond.

.   Brown – As with blonde, many natural shades of brown are popular this season – from rich, near-black tones to lighter, chestnut-like hues. Focus on natural shades, and add honey-golden highlights for a more multidimensional color.

.   Black – Black hair is a bold choice this season, inspiring many of the hottest looks on the runway. Make a statement this spring by pulling black hair into a dramatic side part and coiling the length in the back.


Hair Style Trends


Forget the wash and go – in 2016, we’ll see a return to purposely styled hair. The emphasis this season is on how the hair is pulled back, the way it’s parted, the addition of details and so much else. Below are a few of the lovely hairstyles that graced the runways this season.

.   Texture – From the voluminous blonde locks to lush beach waves, textured hair in the form of waves has been one of the most popular hairstyles on the runways this season.

.   Low ponytails – Stylish and practical, the low ponytail is the effect style for the woman on the go. Low ponytails have been popular on the runways since 2015, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. For a sophisticated look, use a simple black hair tie.

.   Finger waves – This elegant 1920s hairstyle made waves this season, appearing on Dries Van Norten, Jeremy Packham, Marc Jacobs, Bluemarine and Dries van Norten catwalks throughout the season. Finger waves add an element of adorable sweetness to an otherwise ordinary hairstyle. Finger waves also add a youthful touch to a mature ensemble. Achieve the look with a deep side part, plenty of gel and a comb to form hair into “S”-shaped waves.

.   Soft waves – This year’s hairstyles aren’t just about perfection. Soft, naturally wavy hair is another trend favoured by designers this spring. To achieve just-got-out-of-bed waves, sleep in a bun or braid your hair at night. You may not get perfect waves, but that is the goal in 2016.

.   Braids – Intricate, romantic braided hairstyles were a popular choice on catwalks from New York to Paris this spring. From lovely French plaits to braided crowns, designers revelled in blending the old and the new with their imaginative creations. To get the runway look, try a simple braid down the back or combined braid pigtails secured with a black band or bow.

Of course, the right hair-style starts with a good color and cut, so call Ana or schedule an appointment online to start your journey to a new you today!

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Surprise! What you may not have known about growing out your hair!

It’s the latest trend! Everyone wants longer hair right now. And it’s no wonder why with all of the styles you can do with long hair! So it’s time to start your journey to longer hair. But what about those things you didn’t know about growing it out?

Tips for growing long hair

#1: Biotin, moisturizers, and patience will become your best friend

On average, your hair grows about a half an inch each month. That means it could take your hair as many as 3 years to get to your desired length! Of course, everyone is different. Which means there are a ton of secret recipes out there for helping your hair grow fast! Ana’s personal favorite products for growing out her hair are Phyto Hair and Nails as a biotin supplement* and Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment.

Biotin has been known to help increase the rate of hair growth when taken on a regular basis and Ana has seen those results while taking the Phyto supplement! She has also noticed that her hair is stronger, shinier and healthier. Her skin and nails see the same benefits as well!

Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment has dual benefits. It first helps finish any look without leaving hair greasy. It also helps protect your hair from heat which can be very important when growing out your hair!


#2: Heat will become your worst enemy

Maintaining healthy hair is crucial to getting that long look you’re working for. It’s all about strength, hydration, and minimizing the damage to your hair. That means you need to reduce the heat your hair comes in contact with in any way possible.

Start by turning down the temperature in those hot showers you’re probably enjoying each morning! Hot showers may feel good, but they wreak total havoc on your hair’s health. A slight adjustment in temperature could mean the difference between healthy and damaged hair.

Next step, minimize the amount of time with your hair dryer. That’s right – start prepping the break up song now! The longer your hair gets, the more time you’ll spend drying it regardless of what method you use. Try giving yourself a few extra minutes and let your hair air-dry for as long as possible before pulling out the hair dryer. Then blast it with the hair dryer for some light styling before you head out the door.

Ultimately, turning down the heat helps reduce hair damage. Which brings us to our next point…


#3: hair breakage becomes even more traumatic the longer your hair grows


Hair breakage is no fun to experience regardless of your hair length. With long hair, though, broken strands (or fly-aways) can sometimes look more apparent compared to shorter hair styles since there is such a dramatic difference in length between the strands. And don’t forget about how long it takes to grow out your hair! So it’s easy to see how the longer your hair grows, every broken strand can be more traumatic than the last.

So how do you protect your hair from breaking? Read on my friend!


#4: You actually need to get frequent trims

This might not make sense given how long it can take to grow your hair out. But frequent trimmings can reduce split ends and tangling which helps protect against breakage! It also promotes healthier hair. You’ll be much happier with the way your hair looks and feels too, which reduces the temptation to cut your hair short again.

But you’ll be happier with the results in the end. Be sure to schedule a hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks. Did we mention this can also help keep tangles at bay which makes your daily routine much easier to manage?


#5: Brushing your hair becomes a serious arm workout

With long hair comes great responsibility… or a great workout! If you’re maintaining your hair appointments and scheduling a trimming every 4 to 6 weeks, this won’t be as much work. But the longer your hair gets, the more hair you get to comb through, which can turn into quite the workout!

Remember Ana’s top tip to help maintain beauty and shine! Get yourself a natural boar bristle brush and brush a little coconut oil through your hair for about 5 minutes once a week before you wash your hair. This helps stimulate the blood flow on your scalp (which also promotes hair growth) and distributes the healthy oils from your scalp throughout your hair!


Want more great tips from Ana? Schedule your appointment with Ana online today and receive a free consultation the next time you’re in!

* The content available in this website is general in nature and is provided for informational purposes only. It is in no way intended to and shall not be construed to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical, health or other condition. Always speak to your primary care doctor before starting any new vitamins or medication.

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Ana’s hair salon has a new look!



Still at the same location, Ana’s got a bigger, better hair studio with a beautiful window view for you to enjoy! With the great Arizona weather upon us, who wouldn’t love a relocation like this?!

Ana wants to help her clients feel comfortable and relaxed when they come visit for their appointment. Ana’s studio allows for just that. With relaxing, clean decorations and a splash of color throughout along with a bigger space and more accommodations, you’re sure to feel at home the moment you enter the door.

On top of that, Ana’s got a new logo AND launched a new website here for you to enjoy! She’s got easy online appointment scheduling for the busy person on the go, but can always take your phone call or text message requests as well.

What to do when you arrive for your appointment?

Step 1. Dial Ana to get into the building

The nice thing about Ana’s studio is that it’s private. That means that busy foot traffic isn’t going to bother you while you’re relaxing and getting your hair done.

When you arrive, simply dial “103” (Ana’s suite number) into the call box. This calls Ana at her studio so she can quickly let you in! If you’re a bit early for your appointment, don’t worry. There’s a nice lounge at the entryway where you can wait.

Step 2. Come on in!

Come into Ana’s studio and put your feet up. Ana wants you to be comfortable in her studio and to enjoy your time there. Enjoy a quick drink, water, or coffee while you get your free hair consultation. Here, Ana will review any of your questions, give you tips based on your style, and determine what your hair dreams are.

Step 3. Relax

After a quick consultation, leave the rest up to Ana. With over 18 years of professional hair designing experience, you are in good hands! Ana specializes in blowouts, hair coloring and highlights, as well as hair styling and hair designs, you’re sure to leave satisfied.

Step 4. Give Ana your contact information

Email, phone calls and text messages are a key way for you and Ana to stay in touch with each other. To stay up to date with any announcements or deals, make sure you provide your email and birthday! During your birthday month, you’ll also get $15 to spend on any product or service!

Step 5. Schedule your next appointment

Ana recommends you visit for a hair cut every 6-8 weeks to keep your look fresh and beautiful. This also keeps your hair growing strong and healthy. Of course, this varies from person to person, so make sure you follow with what Ana thinks is best for you. BONUS: If you’re planning to visit on a more frequent basis (like every Monday at noon for a blow dry), the online scheduler offers recurring appointment options!


So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with Ana today!

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5 budget-friendly ways to tame your curly hair


5 budget-friendly ways to tame your curly hair!

Serums and mousses of all kinds and prices are well known for their curl-harnessing power, but what if there’s a simpler solution for getting that look you desire? Check out these five simple options that can provide a low-maintenance supplement to your routine, yet have such a dramatic impact on your hair!

Coconut Oil

This is a great solution for when your hair starts to become unruly, but it’s not quite time for a trim! Thinner in consistency than most oils, half a tablespoon of this worked into your curls (especially the ends) will lubricate your strands and help them cling together into springy curls. I recommend using a natural bristle brush once a week and brushing coconut through your hair from roots to end before shampooing. This helps work the coconut into the hair, but also helps stimulate the roots and exfoliate your scalp. Plus, it feels SO good!

Coconut oil is ideal for thick, dry-hair types. If your hair is overly dry, try adding this to your hair once or twice a week before going to bed so that it has the time to soak into your hair. For an added kick, add a quick burst of heat with your blow dryer (but not too much, or your hair will frizz). Make sure you sleep on a pillowcase you don’t care about, as this can sometimes leave your pillowcase a little oily by the time morning comes around.

Wide-toothed Comb

As a rule, you should NEVER comb, brush or play with your hair after washing it. Once your hair is set in its drying process, LEAVE IT ALONE and let it do its thing! With exception to your occasional hair treatments with coconut oil, you should never brush your hair. This is why the wide-toothed comb is going to become your best friend for your curly hair.

When washing your hair, use the comb to work your sulfate-free conditioner through and get all of the tangles out of your hair. Then, gently rinse the conditioner out. Be careful not to scrub or do anything to your that might promote frizzing or hair breakage.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a must-have for all my curly-haired friends out there. Curly hair gets dry…and I mean REALLY dry. I’m sure you can all agree that it seems like your hair can never get enough nutrients and moisture!

For a budget-friendly option, try using your ordinary, sulfate-free conditioner that you know and love as a leave-in. After you wash your hair, gently run a small dime of conditioner through your hair. Add your other hair products as you normally would.

Hair Diffuser

Okay, this one may not be as budget friendly as the other items listed here. But it is well worth your money! A diffuser allows you to blow dry your hair without letting those beautiful curls fly everywhere.

After putting product in your hair, let your hair air-dry as much as possible. When you are just about ready to run out the door, bring your diffuser in to help your hair get closer to 80% dry. Simply tilt your head to the side (or flip your hair upside down for added volume) and hold the diffuser facing upwards at the ends of your hair. This promotes better curls and helps avoid the dreaded “triangle” look that curly hair sometimes gets. Finish the look off with a little hair spray to hold any stray hairs.

Satin Pillowcase

The satin pillowcase has established itself in the curly hair world as being gentle on your hair and keeping frizz at a relative low. No need to spend a lot of money here. Often times, this simple switch will help in your efforts to keep your curly hair from tangling and frizzing overnight. An added plus is it often helps in decreasing the amount of times you have to washing your hair throughout the week (a true dream for anyone with curly hair!).

Have you tried these or similar methods? Ask Ana about these tips and others for your hair in your next visit!

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